More Blood & Tragedy From The Religious Fanatics

This is the kind of cruelty and ignorance we have look forward to as the religious right imposes their belief system on the rest of us.

In what must be one of the cruelest episodes related directly to the unyielding and narrow-mindedness of the religious fanatics of the right, I had difficulty composing myself while sitting in a local diner and reading this story in the WaPo. I feel compelled to point out that it is precisely this kind of ignorant, cruel, legislation that we will (all) have to live with as the religious right and their minions on the SCOTUS continue get their hooks into the American justice system in this country. Religion is the absolute pinnacle of ignorance and the imposition of their will on to the American public will only bring further regressive and extremist laws imposed upon an unwilling and majority of Americans. This is what we will all have to look forward to all because of their imaginary deity and his cruel, inhumane demands.

As I realize this is not easy to read or hear, I believe it is necessary for all to understand that this is the AmeriKa they will force upon us as a result of their fanatical desire for power.

2 thoughts on “More Blood & Tragedy From The Religious Fanatics

  1. I saw that yesterday and it is truly heartbreaking. Religion has no place in governance … NONE! I have no problem with people believing as they wish, so long as they do NOT attempt to force their beliefs, their will, on others. However, today’s politicians on the right are using religious “values”, or rather bigotry, to shove the beliefs of a portion of the nation onto the entire nation. I, for one, will fight tooth and nail to keep religion OUT of politics.


  2. I’m with you, entirely JD! I almost had to leave the diner reading it; the poor baby. And all this while my daughter was in the hospital giving birth to our 4th grandchild! This instantly MUST be stopped!


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