Trump Must Be Indicted

When Is Enough Finally Enough?

As the Justice Department under the “leadership” of Merrick Garland continues to drag their feet in an obvious effort to do anything but indict Trump, more and more evidence mounts against the phony, er, former “president.” The Washington Post reported today that Trump resisted multiple attempts by the FBI to review the documents he has stashed in his home in Mar-a-Lago, even as reported by members of his own crime family. In others words, even the Mindless Minions under the influence of the Degenerate Don knew he had jumped one shark too many and tried to convince him to relent which, of course, he would not do, claiming “their mine.” (See the “Finder’s Keepers/Loser’s Weepers” legal strategy in “Legal Strategies for Dummies”, located just below the “I’m Rubber and You’re Glue” accusation rebuttal strategy.)

Let’s just consider that if you or I were caught with even ONE document marked “Top Secret” we would be immediately shackled and frog marched into a dark-site federal prison so deep that even worms wouldn’t be able to find us until the trial. The Fat Man has HUNDREDS of documents marked “TOP SECRET” in his HOME and they have been there for MONTHS while he has openly sought to fight off the FBI from either getting or even reviewing them! Meanwhile, back at the Justice Department the spineless Garland and the FBI are still “negotiating” with the Orange Chubby over whether he “was going to return them?” (When? After he digitized them? Uploaded them to a secret server as he has done with other potentially incriminating documents? How about sending some of them to his boss, Vladimir who holds the keys to his dreams of building a tower in Moscow or even better, making billions as a member of Vlad’s oligarchy? All reasonable ideas to anyone except the Army of the Willfully Ignorant.) Or whether he won the “their mine” argument, which everyone already knows is moot; they belong to the National Archives and the American people. He can’t even remove a single sheet of toilet paper – which he has already tried to do while boarding Air Farce One!!

Merrick Garland: Stop the milquetoast madness and indict this criminal before he skates yet once more only this time, and this is a real eventuallity, he ruins our democracy in the process for good.

20 thoughts on “Trump Must Be Indicted

  1. You are, of course, damn right on what you write, though I think Merrick the Bashful will weep bitter tears but then serve up a milquetoast indictment down the road.
    The only caveat to this is that we haven’t even touched the prior con man/criminal arch fiend, George W. Not one single indictment of any kind against him, and he’s now going on MLB network to josh around as an elder statesman – what a joke, just like latest iteration is. What supposed “democracy” are we saving, then?


  2. While I’m thinking he’s waiting for the GOP to win Congress and they’ll put the K-bosh on all the investigations relieving the DemoWorms of culpability. How can it be that these are our only political choices; rampant corruption or spineless leeches? How have we even made it this far?


  3. Since 2015 it has been proven that President Trump is not guilty of anything except existing and breathing. The Mar-a-Lago ransacking violated his 4th Amendment rights. Trump Derangement Syndrome. There’s a lot of that going around.


    1. That’s pretty cool. Lemme try that.
      Since the beginning of time it has been PROVEN that Trump is guilty of everything.
      Wow! That really works!


    2. Meanwhile this is the same guy that said Hillary Clinton shouldn’t be president because she kept emails on an unsecured server.


      1. RaPaR, President Trump has plenary power to declassify documents by virtue of his office as POTUS. Hillary was a mere Secretary of State and so was bound by law to follow classification protocols. She committed felonies with regard to mishandling classified documents. But the Deep State let her skate. Therefore, the law is only for Republicans and Democrats can get away with whatever they want.


      1. RaPaR, Compare the peace and prosperity that President Trump brought the American nation with economic and social ruin brought by the Brandon lunatic asylum. I realize that an appeal to reason to someone with Trump Derangement Syndrome is useless, but it is my duty as an American.


        “Labor market added 315,000 jobs in August, a bright spot in the economy.
        Twenty consecutive months of sustained job growth more than recovered the millions of jobs lost during the pandemic, although hiring slowed in August.”

        As my Mom would say, “Put that in your hat and smoke it!” Compare that with your imaginary “peace & prosperity” of the Trump crime spree!


      3. Inflation under Trump 1.2%. Inflation under Brandon 9%. Gas prices under Trump $1.75. Under Brandon $5. Electric bill under Trump $65. Under Brandon $175. Border closed under Trump. Border open under Brandon. Afghanistan at peace under Trump. Afghanistan ruled by terrorists under Brandon. Ukraine & Russia at peace under Trump. Ukraine & Russia at war under Brandon. Economic boom under Trump. Economic recession under Brandon.


      4. All of your Fat Man Trump accomplishments were carried over from the Obama Adminstration. EVERY. SINGLE ONE. Trump didn’t pass a single economic package. None of the issues currenbtly facing the Us had ANYTHING to do with Biden policies.

        I’ll ask you again, STOP COMMENTING on my site. You don’t know your ass from a hole in the ground, as is the case with most of Trump’s Mindless Minions. I wonder now that he’s proven himself to be the seditious traitor any one with brains has known all along, caught with TOP SECRET DOCS in his home where he frequently entertains some of the other mindless a-holes he socializes with, how ashamed you must be to have voted for a traitor?


  4. Yeah. Enjoy the KoolAide dude. You don’t need to read, or research or do anything else. I see you exercise the very same critical analytical skills as you do debating your mythology. Please, spare your self the embarrassment and stop commenting about things which you apparently know absolutely nothing about.


  5. How is it that some people are so wildly out of touch with reality? Do you think he read a single line of news on the topic? What was the Fat Man doing with 700 documents marked TOP SECRET at – of all places – Mar-a-Lago?

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  6. SOM, as usual your thinking skills are exactly where your bowels lie. Yes, he can declassify documents but there is a very specific process for doing so and absolutely NO indication that he did so since involves the inout of the intelligence community. Furthermore, even if he did declassify, he is STILL not allowed by LAW to remove documents from the government as the are the sole property of the US government and the people of the United States.

    Lastly, we KNOW that he moved the documents from room to room in order to hide them from the FBI and we call that OBSTRUCTION. He even placed some of them into magazines and other periodicals in order to hide them.

    Before you respond to anything I write, please try and familiarize yourself with the facts instead of listening to the monkeys that mimic his lies.


  7. Oh, SOM. I see as with your mythology you also make up facts about politics as well. I’m not going to explain the national security dangers Fat Man caused, but that on morons like you that voted for him. Nice work.


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