Good Morning, America!

Wake Up and Smell the Racism!

In trying to parcel out yet another school shooting where four more American children are murdered in their school, I began to anticipate Congress’ response, i.e., their total lack of a response. Sure the standard ”thoughts and prayers” are a given and, to be sure, that has provided some badly needed relief (in the minds of the gun manufacturers) especially those from Ted Cruz, Jeff Pawley, and the other Christian Republicans. However in considering these publicly-elected miscreants I began to ask myself: If one votes for someone that allows the murder of our children to persist without so much as lifting a finger, do I also have their blood on my hands? Projecting that out to other issues, I began to ask myself more questions. The next natural conundrum seemed to be racism. I thought: if I vote for a Senator or Congress person that enacts legislature that makes it harder for people of color to get to the polls and vote, does that make me a racists as well? Furthermore, should I prioritize my own personal issues according to my needs or according to the more important civil needs of, in these cases, pblic safety or equal rights for all?

And so, I put these questions to you: when you vote for someone that supports or legislates laws or policies that are harmful or detrimental to all or a particular class of Americans, do you share in the culpability of these policies and laws. In other words, do you have blood on your hands? what do you think?

6 thoughts on “Good Morning, America!

  1. Well, if you vote for Deez Nuts, you’ve got no worries at all.
    “Blood on your hands” and “culpability” are terms of only irrational religious significance if meant figuratively, but in a world of complete injustice, where the most evil people have the most money, and the poorest get the stiff clang of the iron gates, why should you feel bad about the pointless civic exercise of pulling a lever that only psychopathic morons tend to win?


    1. It’’s not that I feel bad, I don’t vote for these criminals. However, in trying to convince others to perhaps reconsider their votes, maybe we can save a few children or teachers from a violent death at THEIR SCHOOLS if they feel a sense of responsibility. A far cry from reality, I know, however it’s worth the effort.

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  2. yep, if you support people who do evil, you are evil.

    unsurprisingly, the Christians who are ever so concerned about children don’t show this concern when it comes to guns. They desperately want the state to be between a woman and her doctor, but not between a lunatic and a gun.


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