Christians, Religious Right: You must account for your votes to the GOP

You don’t get to ”wash your hands” of the blood of the murdered children killed due to their refusal to improve gun laws!

While the Christian right, fundamentalist Christians, the Bishop of San Francisco and all the rest of the ”Funny Hat Club” Catholics are high-fiving each other over their apparent victory (although, I wouldn’t count my embryos just yet) I’m sure they now have their heads under the covers hoping no one will notice their culpability in the slaughter of our children in schools. And so they should; if my elected politicians that I pulled the lever for enacted such a “wall” around the gun lobby, gun manufacturers, trade-show gun dealers and entities, and background checking, you’d better believe I be heading for Switzerland right now. But do you know what, Ken ”Four Planes” Copeland, or Joel ”Giorgio Armani” Osteen (btw: one of the world’s wealthiest evangelists in the whole world!! Jesus would besoooooo proud!), or Franklin ”Bang Bang” Graham, and the rest of the ”blessed ones” that simply can not wait for Jesus to get here, they’re so certain they’ll be leaving with him? You must answer for your support of the GOP and their steadfast unwillingness to do anything about the absurd amount of gun violence in our country. You “Holy Rollers” don’t get to help put these vile excuses for human beings into office and then walk away scott-free. You have blood on your hands that will not be washed off; will not be ”thoughts & prayer-ed” off, will no longer be forgotten. You have the blood of 1st, 2nd, 3rd, graders – 5 & 6 year-old children – mid-schoolers, high schoolers, and many, many more. Their blood be on you and on your children!

How much money do you pour into the coffers of the GOP in order for you to eventually achieve your long-desired theocracy and have Christianity become the founding basis of the country? How many sermons have been peppered with your lies and misrepresentations about the damage being done to our country by liberals, progressives, Democrats, and atheists? How many lies told by the various Ted Cruzs, Josh Hawleys, Greg Abbotts, and all the rest of the Republican ”Murderer’s Row” have you paved over in your sermons and speeches and radio shows in order to smooth over their culpability in Amerika’s mass shootings?

Remember that almost 10 years ago when the unthinkable happened in Newtown, CT resulting in the deaths of TWENTY schools children – babies, really, babies – the Republicans shot down ANY chance at all to even improve the background checking process so that mentally ill would be disqualified from gun ownership! Even that small step would not be allowed to pass. The smallest, almost gestural in nature, was unanimously shot down by the Republicans.

Now you need to step up and take responsibility for the seemingly unending carnage taking place in Amerika thanks to your votes and endless endorsements of Republican candidates.

I pledge not to let you forget it.

12 thoughts on “Christians, Religious Right: You must account for your votes to the GOP

  1. It appears the number of guns owned by liberals is still higher than any other country’s average. Oh the hypocrisy. If we remove all the guns owned by conservatives, the US still would have the most guns per capita.


    1. I beg to differ….

      Over 55% gun ownership..conservative states

      In Alaska, 64.5% of homes with at least one firearm

      With 66.3% of adults living in homes with guns, Montana is the highest-ranking state in the RAND study.

      With 58.5% of West Virginia adults have guns in their homes

      RAND found that 60.1% of Idaho adults have guns at home.

      Around 57.2% of Arkansans say they have guns in their homes.

      In Wyoming, 66.2% of adults live in homes with guns

      Under 30% liberal states

      19.9% of New Yorkers share their homes with at least one firearm

      14.7% of New Jersey adults have a gun in their home

      With 28.3% of adults in California have guns in their homes

      In Connecticut, 23.6% of adults have a firearm in their home.

      14.8% of adults in Rhode Island live in homes with guns.

      An estimated 30.2% of adults of Maryland live with guns at home

      An estimated 14.9% of adults in Hawaii have guns at home

      14.7% of Massachusetts adults have a gun in their home.

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      1. I don’t see any correlation to my comment. If you remove all the conservatives guns we still have more per capita than other countries. Democrats own roughly half as many guns as conservatives. 44% average to 20%. —.20x300million is 60million guns owned by democrats.

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      2. Yes I re read your comment and you are correct. Even though democrats own less, it’s still more than anywhere else. My apologies

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      3. No worries. We have a real problem when those that are against the gun culture have more guns that anywhere on the planet.


    2. I fail to see the relevance of which political leaning has the most guns. Is it hypocrisy that male legislators create laws against rape when men commit 99% of all rapes? Who cares? It’s a good idea.
      The U.S. has 120 guns per 100 people. That’s twice the amount per capita than the second most gun toting country in the world. We are saturated with guns. It seems insane to me that an 18 year old boy in Texas can’t buy a beer because he’s not considered emotionally mature or responsible enough. But he can buy a semi-automatic rifle because… Yahoo! I’m an American! Pew! Pew!
      And while innocents die people use this as an opportunity to point at the other isle trying to make each other look bad. All the while our politicians fill their pockets with NRA money.

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      1. My sentiments, exactly. Who cares? The logic and reasoning behind our gun laws is laughable. Only American politicians would think they make any sense at all. Search YouTube for Katie Porter’s rant on the responsibility of the gun community and their lack of accountability.


      2. Relevance? I was thinking irony. When the left has more guns per capita than any other country I think that is telling.


    3. My fault for not checking your information. The second highest gun saturated country in the world is the Falkland Islands at 62 guns per 100 people. Just over half of the US. If you took away all conservative guns in the US (More than 50%) than we would NOT still have the most guns per capita. We would fall to second place. I think you’re thinking of taking away liberal guns. THEN we would still be in first place.

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  2. Whether that is true or not, it still doesn’t address my point that the Religious Right needs to demonstrate how their support of the GOP – the party that has done everything in their power to stop gun ownership reform in this country – comports with their religious beliefs. They are so concerned about fetuses that may be a simple cluster of cells, however a child with a brain, heart, kidneys, etc., no culpability for their votes at all? really?


    1. The religious right is neither religious or right. They use religion as a cover for hate, bigotry and judging others.


  3. I called a Christian radio station yesterday – The Jay Sekulow Show – while they were talking about the TX children massacre. I asked the person screening his calls how they comport their support of the RR in light of their incredibly lax gun laws. He said “I’ll put you right through….” And then hung up on me. I called back and hung up three more times without even hearing my voice.

    More than not “religious” or “right” they are spineless hypocrites.

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